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U.S. International Trade Services (USITS) can source innovative products and services that fulfill the demands of the complex and dynamic global marketplace. Whether it involves electric power generation, oil and gas development, construction services, medical devices, or sophisticated high technology electronic and telecommunications products, USITS ensures that each transaction is completed in accordance with all domestic and foreign export codes and procedures.

USITS conducts intensive research including in-person meetings with business owners throughout the nation to discover which companies produce the most innovative and unique technologies and comprehensive services. This knowledge is important when brokering agency and reseller transactions involving cutting-edge state-of-the-art technologies and services.

USITS assures its clients that any transaction in which USITS is involved will comply with all United States export codes and regulations. Each undertaking is supervised with painstaking attention to every detail so that all export credit insurance, cargo provisions, and logistic arrangements are completed effectively and efficiently.

Every market has different regulations pertaining to the import of goods and provision of services by “foreigners.” USITS experts are well-versed in the legal requirements pertaining to foreign shipping nd commercial transport of exported products.