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Multilateral Trade

USITS has established and continues to arrange agreements for international trade and finance on behalf of the creators of world-class products made in the United States. From skin care products and cosmetics to alternative energy, USITS helps source market-appropriate products for a world of developed and emerging economies.

95% of Consumers Live Outside of the U.S

The global opportunity provided by marketing and selling to these consumers is enormous. Many of the marketing and selling skills of our clients do not easily translate into export and global business success. USITS combines foreign market intelligence and experience with a deep knowledge of American suppliers.

The USITS team of talented professionals are experts in sourcing, financing, marketing, selling, compliance, and logistics. This combination of experience and skill distinguishes the firm and shows the way to global business success for our clients.

Empowering Bilateral and Multilateral Trade

Foreign Currency fluctuation and manipulation destroy enterprises. Central banks cause currency volatility with quantitative easing which makes the Euro and Euro-denominated goods and services attractive and serves to make the USD-denominated goods and services uncompetitive.

Engaging in both exports and imports provides a natural hedge for both business enterprises and nation states. Bilateral and multilateral trade make currency manipulation unnecessary.
The services USITS provides empower SMEs—small ad medium sized business enterprises to engage in sustainable, cross-border trade which assures each of the trading parties a real opportunity for income and wealth. We encourage SMEs to become multinational enterprises and use the natural hedges created through exporting and importing to assure both their survivability and sustainability.