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US International Trade Services (USITS) facilitates the exportation of a variety of essential international products and services. USITS is a global leader in the export of clean and renewable energy technology. USITS recognizes that the fast emerging field of low-carbon power production is the future of global energy. USITS delivers cutting-edge medical technologies that are revolutionizing the health care industry around the world, ensuring that the doctors of today are prepared to treat the patients of tomorrow.  Defense services and products are closely tied to capital equipment needs, creating demand for a global trade serving company to facilitate dynamic international transactions. Traditional energy resources like oil and gas are essential to our economy today. USITS ensures that companies worldwide have access to the equipment and services crucial to international energy projects.

As an expert in multinational exportation services, USITS is familiar with international trade compliance codes and regulations and always remains abreast of changes in domestic and foreign laws. Compliance with these rules is of paramount concern in providing our services. In addition to the traditional cash conversion cycle, USITS offers a number of innovative and unique strategies to enhance collaboration among top executives when conducting complex and multifaceted trade transactions.