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About Us

US International Trade Services (USITS) is an innovative and dynamic leader in the global financial trade field seeking to expand the practice of strategic investments on an international scale.  Our expertise in financing international transactions arises out of our profound understanding of the nuances and intricacies of the current global commerce system and our continued commitment to discover innovative solutions to complex financial issues.

We have experience in risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, sourcing, documentation, project management, supply chain logistics and organization, labeling, packaging, business protocols, and complex negotiations. While this knowledge is vital to a successful transaction, it is our meticulous attention to detail that ensures that each transaction runs smoothly and efficiently.

As consultative advisors we pride ourselves in learning every nuance of the products and services you provide.  This familiarity is essential to our role as a public representative of your corporation.

Our geographic diversity ensures that we are able to compete internationally and leverage opportunities in North America, Central Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. At USITS we recognize that each market has distinct laws and regulations for the import and export process, and we are experienced in maintaining strict compliance with these regulations.