Merging US Innovation with Global Trade


USITS: A Confluence of Capabilities

International trade and finance is a complex web of laws, regulations, practices and procedures which have grown ever more complicated since Marco Polo returned from China at the end of the Thirteenth Century. International trade is not a place for those who do not possess a deep knowledge of all these areas.

A One-Click Portal

Expertise and experience in international trade is critical to entrepreneurs and SMEs. USITS was created to meet this need. USITS permits entrepreneurs and SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) to take advantage of the USITS knowledge of both standard and alternative methods of international trade and finance gained over more than 40 years of active experience to successfully conduct and conclude international trade transactions profitably without the need to build staff.

Successful cross-border trade requires coordination of export and target country regulations, Incoterms, export controls, know your customer and trade finance and settlement techniques.

Cross-border transactions require legal, logistical, educational and financial services as well as payment, shipping, documentation and transaction settlement services. USITS brings discipline and organization to international trade for entrepreneurs and SMEs.